Avoid 5 common hosting mistakes


5 Common Hosting Mistakes to Avoid

As a beginner, choosing an appropriate web hosting company and plan for your website seems to be a difficult task. Specifically, when you find that there is a huge number of hosting providers, offering different packages and plans, in the market. So, it needs to be clarified that hosting plays a significant role in website performance and business development. Therefore, it is important to choose it wisely.
Here are some common mistakes that people usually make while choosing a hosting. Thus, you need to avoid these mistakes and make a decision precisely in this regard. 

Free hosting plan

In the beginning, free hosting plans seem to be inexpensive and many people prefer it for the business website or blog. But it is the mistake that they make. Because hosting companies’ pop-up ads and other content on your site that your visitors might dislike. 

Moreover, Google also dislikes such plans thus you receive less traffic on your website. Besides this, the hosting provider provides a subdomain that shows the hosting name added to your domain. It reduces your reputation to the world and also reduces the reach of potential visitors.
Free hosting plans are only good for hobby or personal blogs, otherwise, go with a paid hosting plan.


Another big mistake that beginners make is to rely on hosting plans that do not offer refunds. A good hosting company offers a refund guarantee in case you dislike or are not satisfied with the hosting plan. Therefore, stay away from the companies that don’t do so. Always prefer choosing the company that offers 30 days’ money-back guarantee for a better experience. 

Shared hosting

When starting a website, small business holders think that shared hosting is suitable for them. This is the mistake they made. Because VPS hosting is also available which provides better security and hosting services. Moreover, you need to consider the bandwidth, storage capacity, and uptime. Avoid cheap hosting plans and choose the one that suits your site requirements. Never compromise quality over price.

Ignore Uptime

One of the huge mistakes that one can make regarding hosting plans is ignoring uptime. Uptime is the speed at which the website loads at the visitor’s end. If the website loads slowly, then he will leave the site and you will face a loss. Moreover, a reduced bounce rate also leaves a negative impact on the search engine resulting in poor ranking.

One year packages

Never sign in for one year when you can have an option of monthly hosting. A one-year subscription means that you are paying the hosting company in advance without knowing how good the services are. Even if the company offers a money-back guarantee, you might face a hard time getting money back. Therefore, never make a subscription for long-term packages, as it is a hosting mistake.

Bottom line

Hosting plays a significant role in the performance and development of the website and online business. Therefore, don’t make mistakes. We know as a beginner, many people find it difficult to choose a good hosting company and an appropriate plan for the website. So, first of all, make a list of things that your website requires such as bandwidth, storage, etc. Then find a well-reputed hosting company and get started. Don’t make long-term subscriptions, never prefer money over quality, avoid shared or free hosting plans, and only choose a refund plan.
In a nutshell, precisely choose a hosting plan, because a mistake in this regard might result in customer losses.