Cheap Web Hosting


5 Guaranteed Ways to Find Cheap Web Hosting

Securing web hosting seems like a troublesome task since it usually seems to involve lots of monetary resources for purchase and human resources for management. The truth is in fact far from it: web hosting can be bought for even less that $5! Prices drop as low as $1.99 for basic web hosting features and still get the job done well.

While web hosting companies do provide offers such as shared hosting which are economical and still loaded with benefits, there are many which take advantage of the situation and exploit clients. Following are 5 ways to find out if your web hosting company can properly cater to your requirements under budget:

1.    Analyze the Features Being Offered

Features to look out for in an economical web hosting package are:

•    Bandwidth: Check the storage limit being offered.
•    Number of Supported Addon Domains: While most web hosting companies add up to 20 addon domains in their package, some also offer zero.
•    Number of Business Email Addresses: Business email addresses are vital for establishing online presence and representing a company. While some companies permit at least one, others offer none.
•    Dashboard: Before purchasing a web hosting package, request a demo for their control panel. This will allow you to understand the scope of their services and how easy it will be to manage remote operations.

2.    Hosting Speed Matters

Check available bandwidth the hosting package has by default. If it is shared hosting, then the bandwidth is distributed among the different users. A good choice would be to opt for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, where the hosting is segmented into private spaces with dedicated and fixed resources. This hybrid setup allows allocation of fixed bandwidth and storage space which ensures confirmed hosting speed.

3.    Uptime for Maximum Visibility

Website uptime is mandatory for generating maximum traffic and avoiding potential leads from being redirected to competitor sites. Uptime shows the time for which the website will be visible on the internet. Downtime is caused by either malicious activities or server side maintenance and issues. When settling for uptime, do not choose any package which falls below 99 percent.

4.    Quality of Technical Support Available 

While features are essential for an online website and its hosting, without qualified technical support they fail to reach maximum potential. The ideal hosting company has a qualified, professional and veteran team of tech support available 24/7 capable of resolving any queries being sent by users.

5.    Never Forget to Read Terms and Conditions

While most of us tend to fast-scroll through the terms and conditions or take them for granted, properly reading them before purchasing a web hosting package is a no-brainer. Clauses such as unlimited bandwidth and storage often turn out to be just marketing terms. Some companies even add overriding clauses to escape responsibilities for breach in their security. Properly screen the terms before committing to them for avoiding any future issues.

Purchasing Cheap Web Hosting without Concerns

Settling for cheap web hosting is often looked upon as an unprofessional tactic rather than a functional approach. By following these 5 guidelines, you can settle for the perfect web hosting plan which completely caters to all your needs.