Web Hosting for SEO


5 Ways Web Hosting Affects SEO?

Today, the world is connected through the internet. Every business wants to ensure its online presence. The competition is also high as everyone wants to be ranked in the search engines. Google is considered the best search engine as 90% of the search queries are done through it worldwide. However, Google has also developed a strong algorithm over time to root out spam websites and rank quality and genuine websites in its search results.

Before any design and development, a website requires two main things. A professional domain name and a web hosting plan. Never compromise on the cost of a quality web hosting. That’s because a quality Web hosting not only impacts the performance of a website but also affects its SEO. An unoptimized website with low speed and reduced uptime will not rank in Google. Therefore, if you need more web traffic on your website and want to earn a good revenue from it, it is necessary to choose a quality Web Hosting. Here are some features that can help you rank with a good hosting plan.

Uptime Matters A lot

A website’s uptime is important. Otherwise the visitors will leave your site. This act is also observed by Google and all such sites are categorized as unreliable websites by it. As a result, the website can get de-ranked. Therefore to rank on Google and other search engines, it is necessary to have a hosting that ensures 99.99% uptime. This will engage your audience; reduce bounce rate and help in ranking.

Page Loading Speed

Page load speed is also a ranking factor and thus also impacts SEO. If your website takes a longer time to load, then the audience will get irritated and leave your site. To overcome this issue, you just need to migrate towards a better Web hosting plan. Moreover, you can test the speed of your website using Google Page Insights.

Location of the Server

The server should be near to the location of your target audience. This helps in providing a smoother user experience to the website audience. It is highly recommended to choose the server that is present in your own country as this will help you to engage your local audience as well as improve SEO ranking.

Avoid Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting packages are cheaper in rates and it can negatively affect the website and Google ranking. With shared hosting, the different websites use the same server. So any inappropriate activity of any user can result in a threat to your website. Hence, shared hosting is always at risk. Moreover, shared hosting doesn’t provide good scalability and speed as compared to dedicated hosting.


It is important to secure your website from hackers and cyber attacks. A good web hosting company provides you with a free SSL certificate that stops the invalid activities, helps in the ranking, improves the website performance, and builds customer trust.


Web Hosting plays a significant role in search engine ranking. It is involved in website performance, uptime, security, and site speed. All these features are considered as the ranking prerequisites of a website.  Therefore, it is important to choose a quality and reliable web hosting company for a better website performance and search engine ranking.