difference between web and domain hosting


Difference between web hosting and domain hosting


One of the most crucial questions that arise in our minds is, what is hosting.? What is the domain, or what is the meaning of web or web hosting? These are essential parts that you have in your mind.

Web Hosting 

So first of all, we talk about hosting, which is known as Web hosting. Web hosting or Web hosting is the business of housing, serving, or maintaining files with different Websites. Many web hosting providers are available online that offer various packages to start any website. 

Domain hosting

According to the domain hosting name, it is the service that hosts domain names for the websites. Domain hosting works to sell parts and register them. So the owner of the domain can charge a specific subscription fee. Thus this is the main difference between web hosting and domain hosting. However, you can purchase both parts for a hosting web account in the same place.

Purpose of web hosting

Web hosting is an online service provider. This service enables you to publish your website or on the Internet or worldwide. So when you sign up for this service, you pay rent for some space on a physical server. Here you can store all the files and data that is necessary for the websites to work correctly.

WordPress hosting is free in itself. In this case, you can run your website accessible, of course, on WP. But before you do so, WordPress has some limitations or restrictions that you follow. First of all, you must know about the WWW server software on your computer; otherwise, your home internet connections are not designed for serving your web pages. 

Difference between web hosting and domain hosting

Web hosting

Web hosting can provide the space where you can display your website's content. The content like text, images, and videos, etc. It doesn't necessarily give the address to the visitors to reach your site. For example, it is like www.serversea.pk
If you build a site with Serversea, then Serversea.pk is your web host. This means that in addition to providing tools for creating and managing your content. Thus it provides a place on the Internet, and you can display your content where you want as we know that every Serversea site is working on our servers. Thus it is similar to physical stores and rent space in a shopping mall.

Domain hosting

We know that the domain host provides a domain name. It is like www.yourdomain.com that offers an address to the visitors to find you. So a domain name is just like a street address that transfers people to your website's exact location. However, it is not content that visitors see when they visit your site.
Domain hosts store different domain names and facilitate their domain name registration; thus, you are using a domain registered through a third-party provider. So it is like GoDaddy or Hover. Therefore, they are your domain host, and you'll manage your domain through them.

How do both hosts work together?

As we discussed, you can connect your custom domains, either one or two, to your site. These are joined by registering a Serversea.pk Domain. Thus, the transferring of an environment to Serversea or connecting with a domain from a different domain provider.

The visitors who host your domain will see your Serversea-hosted web content just because your site is lightweight. In contrast, your domain is linked to your Serversea site. Even if you use multiple domains, they all show as primary domains. It can show how you can forward an email from one email address to another.


Domain hosting and web hosting, both are important for a website. So, get started today and build your online presence.