website hosting for mobile apps


Do you need web hosting for mobile apps?

Are you going to develop a mobile app and launch it soon? Then you might be searching for website hosting plans that are suitable for mobile apps. 
Yes, similar to Web Hosting, you will need hosting for mobile apps. Thus, your app will go live and will become available to mobile users. 

Hostings for mobile apps are also an integral part of the business. Good mobile hosting provides enormous scalability, fast speed, a secure app, and happier customers. 
So, whether you are developing a business website for selling products or entertaining the audience, it is important to learn the significance of hosting apps. 

Mobile Apps Vs Websites

Websites, as well as mobile apps, are equally important for a business. Internet users spend more time on mobiles as compared to the time they spent in 2017. Therefore, if you still haven’t launched a mobile app, you might be losing huge traffic. 

Hosting Back-ends for mobile apps

Mobile Apps don’t work in a vacuum but they need a lot of information and data to work in a standalone mode. For example, to develop a location-based app such as google maps, or a cab booking app, you need to get the location of the mobile user to access it easily. To do so, it requires more server and web services.
Moreover, the effective server needs to be managed for the complete lifecycle of the application. Thus, you as an application owner need an effective and authentic hosting server to rely on. Because once the user dislikes your app due to slow speed or poor server, the visitor will never install it again.

Types of Hosting

Hostings of different types for mobile applications are available. 

Shared hosting
Dedicated hosting
VPS hosting
Cloud hosting


Shared hosting is the type of hosting that suits you when you are just sharing the mobile application and don’t need to develop it yourself. With shared hosting, you will be sharing one server among hundreds of mobile app users. It is inexpressive so beginners can start with shared hosting.


The applications that need to be maintained at a technical level and require fast speed with huge memory must go with dedicated hosting. A dedicated server allows you to do what you want to do. The freedom of working and ease of access to the server is what it provides. Moreover, one physical machine will handle your application on hundreds of mobiles and root access to the server.

It offers a storage space from gigabytes to several terabytes. So, if your app is heavy and requires a huge space then a dedicated server is what you might be looking for. 


Virtual private server hosting or VPS hosting works similar to a dedicated server. But the difference is that it is divided into multiple virtual servers. It also offers full control over the server along with root access. Moreover, security and flexibility are also provided. 
In addition, if your website requires more storage or finds more traffic than expected levels then you can set up beforehand.


Cloud hosting has no storage space. The services offered by cloud hosting differ from company to company. It works similar to VPS hosting and provides good computing power. It is very large on server security. Moreover, you or your hired mobile app developer will get access to the operating system and software administration. 

Which type of hosting is best for you?

Beginners always get confused about choosing a suitable mobile application for your website. However, it is recommended to take a paper and pen and write the requirements of your website. Afterward, find hosting types and their plans and compare them. Pick the one that suits your application demand. 
Having applications such as gaming apps require more storage and server. Whereas, small applications with low traffic can work effectively with shared hosting. Besides this, high-security sites such as e-commerce stores should move with a dedicated server.

Final words

Mobile apps are an important component of an online business. Moving forward, you need a good web hosting server to run your app smoothly. So, get started and boost your business with a mobile app.