Domain Purchase Setup


How to Manage your Own Domain Purchase and Setup

The proper way for selecting a domain name and setting it up is often neglected by both normal users and even developers. In this post we will discuss the right way for selecting a domain name and setting it up for the web host.

Matching Country Domain with Business Objectives

The right domain name is critical for deciding the success rate of a website and highly influences both SEO and marketing factors. Selecting between dedicated, VPS and shared/Linux web hosting also comes into play since Google also presents its SERP rankings according to site speed.

The domain name suffix for a website decides which Google search results the website is relevant to but domains such as .com, .net and .org are not specific in nature. Domains such as .uk, .us and .au elaborate that the website is relevant to domains of United Kingdom, United States and Australia.

Physical location of web hosting is an important factor which decides website speed. If your selected Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Hosting is located at US and both Australian and US users access the website, the Australian traffic will experience slower loading speeds due to longer physical distance (although other factors may also come into play). Specify primary target audience before selecting web hosting provider.

Relevance of Domain Name Matters

The domain name is the face of your business and settling for the right one is essential for getting notices. Identify your business niche and include relevant keyword in it for increased Search Engine Optimization. Reseller hosting services also provide sites for purchase whose analytics can be used for checking the relevant keywords being used by visitors. SEO can be implemented based on this information.

Search the domain name for ensuring it does not belong to anyone and check its availability status. This can be easily done using online domain searching tools such as whois. If the domain name is already taken, it can be purchased from its owner if it is up for sale.

Officially Registering the Domain Name

Once the domain name has been selected, choose a domain registrar which provides complete list of services such as The domain registrars charge variable fee usually in the range of $5 - $15 for their registration services depending registrar as well as upon their packages. The prerequisites for the registration process are the domain name, email address, the address and the public domain name. Information can be hidden using privacy settings, which usually come with additional fee. Free domain names are included in packages by various hosting services for facilitating potential clients.

Linking Domain with Web Host

Acquire web hosting by opting for services most suited to business needs and link the DNS to web host. Information necessary for achieving this step is the web host DNS which is available through the admin panel of web host. Sign in to the registrar account, access DNS settings, renew them and they will be in effect within 24 hours.