Problems with a poor web hosting company


Problems with a Poor Web Hosting Company

Hosting plays a crucial role in the development and performance of a website. A good hosting plan offers quality services but these services are not free. Besides this, even paying for poor hosting plans you may face problems. Considering the issue, it is important to choose a good web hosting in Pakistan.
As a beginner, many people make mistakes and they even don’t realize that their website is facing issues. Therefore, we are sharing the list of common problems that you might face with a poor web hosting agency.

Website Performance

Website performance includes its speed and uptime. According to Google, visitors leave the website if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Therefore, it is important to optimize the speed of your website and slow-speed sites are a web hosting issue.

You can check the site speed using Google Page Speed Insight. If you face slow speed then use optimized images, remove extra plugins, or complain to your hosting provider about the issue. 

Poor Security

Security matters a lot. Everyone wants to keep the website data secure. If your hosting providers fail to do so, then it is a problem. A good hosting company provides an SSL certificate, private IP address, and complete security. 

Shared hosting is the least secure hosting because the server is being shared among different people. Whereas, dedicated and VPS hosting are comparatively better. Therefore, make a precise choice while choosing a hosting plan.

Customer Service

Does your hosting provider respond to you quickly? If no, then it is an issue. Because good hosting providers always keep interacting with the customers and provide 24/7 customer service and support. Lack of reaction, unresponsive emails, a busy system, no technical support, and unsolved issues are bad signs of a hosting company. 
If your company doesn’t care for you then it is time to switch towards another hosting plan. Yes, you can easily move towards another hosting company. As it is the instant requirement of your website.

Flexibility and Upgradation Issues

If you are having long and heavy bills, then you might be paying for the services that you are not availing. Such as more storage, extra bandwidth, PHP memory limit, etc. Good hosting offers flexibility where you can pay for only what you use. Always consider flexibility packages at the beginning. Afterward, you can upgrade the package as your site develops. The poor hosting company doesn’t offer such a service. Therefore, ask for your details from the hosting provider and if the issue is not solved then you can switch hosting as soon as possible.

Website Ranking

Hosting also plays a direct role in website ranking. Poor uptime might result in a high bounce rate that will ultimately result in a bad ranking. According to Google report, website speed is also considered as a ranking factor, so if hosting is poor you will never rank in search engines and fail to grow your business. Therefore, consider a good hosting for better business development.

Cheap services

Are you compromising the quality? Cheaper or free hosting packages usually trap the newbies with low rates but offer a poor quality server that fails to grow the website. It not only impacts the SEO ranking but also ruins your business. Therefore, never get trapped in low packages. Apart from this, shared hosting plans are not much reliable as the server is shared among the different websites that result in poor quality services. So, avoid such plans and move towards quality.

Final Takeaways

Website plays a significant role in the growth and development of the website. Whereas, the website performance is dependent upon the web hosting services. If your hosting provider gives no quality services, charges more, offers no flexibility, your website speed is low, and no security is offered then it is time to switch towards another hosting provider.

YES!! Such hosting providers are damaging your website and diminishing your business. You can move towards a better, and well-reputed hosting company today, and save your business. 
Good hosting provides flexible packages, responds quickly to your messages and emails, provides 99.99% uptime, good speed, proper security, and quality services. So, get started and move towards a quality hosting company today.