Revised cPanel License Pricing Structure: How is this going to impact you?


Revised cPanel License Pricing Structure: How is this going to impact you?

In June 2019, cPanel shook the web hosting community when it announced a new pricing and licensing structure. They made a complete shift from a “per server pricing model” to “per account pricing model.” which has caused a lot of conversation in the industry. 

As majority of our clients use cPanel, so this pricing change has certainly been the hot discussion among our customers and with our ServerSea leadership. 

A quick glimpse of the situation: From November 2019 onwards, cPanel is licensed per account per server model. Which means there is a sharp price increase, not only for us but also for our customers. 

Up until November 2019, cPanel licenses were priced based on per server pricing model and unlimited accounts allowed for a flat monthly charge which hardly cost $15/month. However, the new pricing model introduced by cPanel now costs you $100-125 a month for the license per server.

This dramatic change came as a shock to us. While all major hosting companies immediately implemented the price change, ServerSea leadership went out of the way to keep its clients at ease and bear the expenses, as we knew our customers were already dealing with a lot of challenges amidst i-e COVID-19. 

We understand this huge pricing increase can put businesses of all sizes in a difficult position, and so our leadership decided not to revise the hosting packages that would reflect this price increase up until June 14, 2022.

However, cPanel price changes for ServerSea customers will take effect from on June 15, 2022. 

We have included all the pricing information for our packages below.