Housing Space for Your Website


Web Hosting: Housing Space for Your Website

In the day and age of technology where everything is reachable or accessible through the click of a button, keeping your individuality is a difficult task. If you wish to step out of the herd and live life being your own person, then luckily, with the same technology, it’s easy to showcase your creativity, talents and unique characteristics. All you need is a space, your content ready for the world, and assurance that all that you put up is being secured and saved as your own creative space.

A Website Just for You

So you’ve been ranting on social networking sites for a while now. Some people might find you funny, some might find you downright offensive or some might even want more of what you have to offer. You think to yourself, “social media sites aren’t helping me showcase my true abilities! It’s time for more!”

Houses & Addresses vs. Web Hosting & Domain Names

Well, we’ve got that figured out for you through a crucial process called web hosting. Web hosting is one such service that allows individuals or organizations/companies to post web pages or websites on to the world of the Internet. The whole process can somewhat be explained through the analogy of using houses as an example. To put forward a usable and reachable website or page, you need to have two things working simultaneously; domain name and web hosting. Domain name is the address of your website which people will use to actually visit your website, whereas web hosting is the technical, hardware and security part of your website which gives you the space to post your content, products and services. The files on your website will be ‘hosted’ by the web hosting service you hire so you can secure an empty plot of server space. However, this doesn’t mean it becomes live instantaneously. The empty server space exists so you can put your website on it and upload it for the world to view.

The Extra Cast & Crew

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connection is also another factor during this whole process which will let two-way computer file sharing take place between the owner of the website’s computer system and that of the website hoster’s. Once those files are in the website hosting account, they’re ready to become live and be seen by the public. Web server applications know which domain names belong to which files, which is why the process is automated.

With all of this said, it’s a lot more complicated than the analogy aforementioned. A complicated string of process is followed and this is why it is recommended to hire efficient web hosting services by a reputable web hosting company. Having the best web hosting can make your website stand out even more than ever, all the while generating traffic and peaking visitors. Even if you’re a small business that has just step foot into the vast world of the internet, an affordable web hosting company will let you employ the best of your resources. A good web hosting provider will help you unlock that level of epicness, so don’t wait further; show the world what you’re good at!