Local Domain Extension


When to Choose Local Domain Extensions Over Com TLD

Domain extensions could give you a tough time while making a choice. As the number of extensions increases, it usually causes difficulty to make a precise choice.
Usually, the question arises whether the global domain is good or the local domain. 

Keep reading to get the answer.

What is a local domain extension?

The local domain extension is the domain extension with local words. For example, .pk domain registration is for Pakistan, .uk is for the United Kingdom, .ca is for Canada, and .au is for Australia.

In comparison, global domain TLDs include com domain registration. It is the most commonly used domain extension and is used worldwide. This extension is preferred when the audience is targeted globally.

Why go with local domain extensions?

Here we are going to discuss some scenarios where local domains could be a better option to go with. 

Professional look

If you are running a local company, brand, or business then it is good to go with local extensions. It helps to gain customer trust because people are more inclined to purchase products from local companies as compared to global ones. 

Better SEO

Google algorithm is designed in such a way that it ranks the website according to the location of the visitor. Therefore, local domain extensions rank better in your country. Your website will reach more customers with a local extension as compared to the .com extension which faces high competition.

Services at doorstep

If your website offers services at any local place, then it is good to start with a local domain extension. For example, if a person searches for the best tailor shop in Pakistan then your .pk registered domain will be more likely to rank in SERP as compared to other extensions. It will also increase website sales and revenue.


A website that uses a local language should go with a local domain extension. It will provide a signal to Google about the preferred audience and location of the website. With Urdu as the main language, it is better to go with a local domain extension.

Targeted audience

A website that targets the local community such as the audience of a specific country then it must go with a local domain extension preferably for that specific site. It will increase the website’s visibility to the audience and the website will also rank in SERP with identified specific locations.

More options for domain choice

When searching for a domain name, usually many domains are taken. Therefore, with local extensions the chances for domain availability increase. Moreover, local name based domains are also easily available. For example, a tailor can purchase darzi.pk because tailors.com might be taken. It will also help to build a brand. 

Final Words

Domain extension identifies the location of a business, helps Google to target the specific country, community, and also increases the visibility, traffic reach, and visitors' trust. Therefore, local domains should be preferred by the local business companies to grow their business in a specific location.