Avoid Free Web Hosting


Why Avoid Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting is available in the market and many people use it because it is free of cost. Apart from this, few other things must be kept in mind while considering free hosting.
Free hosting comes with limited resources. For example, a company that provides limited hosting will place random advertisements on your website to earn revenue. Moreover, free is always limited.

Various companies in the market offer free hosting. Here are some options that you can start with.

WIX: It is a free hosting provider and provides easy website building features.
FREEHOSTIA: Provides a good site speed but limited storage.
AWARDSPACE: Free Web Hosting for WordPress, enough storage, and easy website building tools.
ATSPACE: Good hosting but limited bandwidth. 
AGILITYHOSTER: Free hosting but limited storage and bandwidth.
In conclusion, free hosting cannot compete with paid one. Because the limited features can limit your success. We can say that you need to pay more to get more services.

Free hosting: Drawbacks and Suggestions

Free hosting is good when you are learning the skills or trying to understand how the CMS works. When starting blogging or any small online business website then you should avoid free web hosting.


Now you might ask WHY?
Nothing is free. So, free packages will not provide you with the quality features. It will provide limited bandwidth, lesser storage, no security, and other features with limited packages.
You cannot sell your blog because with the free hosting you are not the owner and you cannot sell it. The Web Hosting provider is the owner. Moreover, no one will like to buy a website that is run by any free hosting company.

Free hosting based websites are not long-lasting. It is not secured and can clash at any time. Moreover, the hosting company if wants to shut down the website or the hosting plan, then your website will be removed. Thus, you will lose all your content and will never be able to access it again.
If you break any terms and conditions of the hosting plan, then your website will be lost.

Free hosting provides limited features thus you will not be able to build an attractive website. You can’t even make huge changes in layout or add plugins or use eye-catchy themes with free hosting.
Free hosting doesn’t provide scalability options. Thus, your website will not grow your business. 
The limited server provided by the free hosting company might not be able to handle high traffic. Moreover, site speed will be slow. With frequent downtime, you will lose the visitors and ultimately good revenue. Therefore, free hosting options are a huge business loss.
Free domain is not yours. The hosting provides a free subdomain. This means that you are not the owner of the website. So, when the hosting company stops its services, your website will vanish.

Shifting to any other hosting option is a hurdle with free hosting. You cannot switch easily. A free hosting provider will not allow you to shift to any other company but wants you to move towards paid packages.

Google wants quality and effectiveness at your website to rank in SERP. Therefore, it is important to reach the standards and build SEO-optimized sites. Whereas, with free hosting plans you are not allowed to or provided with such services that will help you reach those standards. So, as a result, you will lose the online presence and reach the visitor's screens.
You cannot earn revenue using free hosting. Because free hosting doesn’t allow you to place ads or affiliate links. Thus, going with free will results in zero.


Different free hosting plans are available in the market. But it is not recommended to go with any free hosting plan. Because free plans are limited in services including bandwidth, uptime, storage, etc. Moreover, free hosting will not provide complete control over the server as well as the domain is controlled by the hosting company.
In addition, free hosting can stop the site anytime and you will lose all your content. It adversely impacts the website, business, SEO, and development options. Therefore, invest a small amount in paid web hosting in Pakistan before starting any online website.