How to Change Default Timezone in .htaccess

.htaccess file stands for HyperText access is a configuration file which is used by Apache-based web servers, it is a hidden text file within your hosting account designed to change the behavior of your website.

The server has a specific time settings which is usually based on the servers physical location. For example if the server is located in atlanta, it will most likely be set to the Pacific Time. Many users want to set their desired Time Zone, in this article you will learn how to change default Time Zone by usinh .htaccess file.

Step 1. Log into your cPanel.
Step 2. Find and click on the "File Manager"

Step 3. Click Settings at the top right corner.

Step 4. Select the "Document Root for" your domain and make sure "Show Hidden Files" is checked. Click the Save button.

Step 5.  Look for the .htaccess file, right click on it and click on the "Edit" option.

Step 6.  Now You are in the htaccess editor, paste the following code at the top of the file to configure your Pacific Time. In this example, we are setting the timezone to Eastern Standard Time.
#Adjust default time zone 
SetEnv TZ America/Washington

Step 7.  Now hit the "Save Changes" button in the top right corner to save your htaccess configuration.

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