ServerSea entered the Internet world to provide expert Linux based hosting services. Within a year ServerSea introduced Windows based hosting services. Because of the high quality and low cost our clientele expanded dramatically. Surveys showed that developers and programmers enjoyed the design freedom provided by ServerSea in putting up fully functional and interactive web sites.

ServerSea challenged long established competitors and as shown by our counters, built up a large loyal following of developers who access our free proprietary SourceCode, articles, forums, web site templates, Images and cutting-edge solutions.

The high quality services provided to tens of thousands of satisfied international customers convinced us of the need to diversify our products and services.

Our insistence on high quality and low cost has allowed our company to establish a respected name in web hosting. To grow further we continue to provide opportunities to our team to acquire knowledge of the latest technologies. Our team is equally strong in management, network engineering and development. Our policy of continuous improvement in skills assures our clients that they will have access to leading products in every category.

Web developers flock to our development Plans because they are designed by developers for developers. PHP, ASP, .NET and Java developers throughout the world rely on our services because of ease of use.